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Releasing SecureSocket

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Releasing SecureSocket a small Objective-C/Cocoa API to UNIX TCP sockets with SSL support.

Can be found on github at

I basically been trying to write simple client to different protocols (IMAP, SMTP, NNTP …), most of which has support for both SSL and not SSL and well I’m sure there are similar solutions out there, but this seems to be working just fine for me for now.

Releasing DJParser, a simple Objective-C JSON parser

Friday, January 29th, 2010

After going through the pain of trying to integrate other JSON parsers with my different iPhone projects, I realized it is a fairly annoying task. It’s not impossible and I eventually got it to work, but when I do quick prototype applications, I really don’t want to go through that pain.

So to solve that problem I created a pure Objective-C JSON parser, it is self-contained, and uses NSScanner only. It should work for Cocoa on the Mac and on the iPhone as well. Basically just drop the 2 files into your project and you can start parsing JSON.

This probably shouldn’t be used in a “big” project, though for small payloads I’m sure it can just do fine. It was really not designed to be performant or optimized, just functional and easy to drop in any project.

It is hosted on GitHub, and the license is basically free of use, you can give me attribution if you want to, but I’m not expecting this to be used in actual released applications.

CocoaHeads Videos moving

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

I have moved my server from Amazon EC2 to Linode, so the torrent tracker and seed are not available anymore. For the next few months I will keep the videos on S3, unless the bandwidth gets too high before that.

Here are the links:
2009/04/23 Wil Shipley on iPhone (Large)
2009/04/23 Wil Shipley on iPhone (HD)
2009/03.20 Atlas and Cappuccino (HD)

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